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Full Version: Vestimentatie in functie de tipuri corporale
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Sunt 4 tipuri corporale :

1.corpolenta = feminina , cu partea de jos a corpului relativ mai grea

2.gratioasa = cu corp de adolescenta si delicat proportionat

3.atleta = musculoasa si puternica

4.cea cu forme = bine proportionata si cu talie accentuata

Ideea e urmatoarea .. nu cred ca toate avem dimensiuni ideale , cum invatam sa ne punem in valoare si sa ascundem zonele cu imperfectiuni ?

Ce ne avantajeaza si cum sa ne imbracam in functie de tipul corporal al fiecareia ? magindesc.gif
1: culori uni, dungi numai verticale si foarte inguste, materile si croieli care sa dea impresia de "curgere"; culori inchise; pastelurile in nici un caz;
2. orice: sinii mici pot fi "acoperiti" de volane si push-up, lipsa soldurilor de croieli in clos, rochii fuste "gogosar" cu tivul pus pe elastic si incretit(en vogue in sezonul asta); imprimuri florale de toate dimensiunile, materiale cu imprimeuri geometrice; culori deschise;
3: tot ce scoate in evidenta feminitatea; muschii nu trebuie "etalati"; haine mulate in masura in care nu sint insa si datatoare de look "cheap and available"
3: cam orice, de evitat insa imprimeurile florale mari, volanele, tot ce "pune" unde exista deja;

,...parerea mea.
A cumparat mami o carte despre acest subiect cand eram eu mai mititica. Erau 2 femei: una slaba si fara sani s una cu forme mai accentuate. Arata pentru fiecare ce sa poarte si ce sa nu poarte. Erau tinute clasice, intr-adevar. Oricum, parerea mea este ca niciodata nu se va demoda clasicul si va arata si bine pe mai toate constitutiile.
Sigur astea sunt toate variantele? Eu nu ma incadrez la niciuna ametit.gif
Dar poate cele care se recunosc ne dau niste tips & tricks.
Pai tu cum esti, Ioana?
Cred ca ii spune "tip para" smile.gif
In clasificarea de mai sus se regaseste partial: in prima parte din tipul doi si a doua parte din primul tip.
Parca stiu ca sunt indicate rochitele in forma de A si pantalonii largi drepti.
eu cred ca sunt in categoria 4 ? eu insa am impresia ca sunt foarte lata in solduri si cica pentru asta , trebuie sa porti pantaloni cu talie inalta , iar mie nu mi plac de nici un fel .. wacko.gif

la bust si la solduri am 94-95 , deci blink.gif
Pantalonii cu talie inalta., chiar foarte inalta, sint "hot trend", deci, afobia, mai bine de-aia decit cu talie joasa care scurteaza optic lungimea picioarelor.
revin pentru ioana imediat.
happy.gif ok,trebuie sa merg la cumparaturi wub.gif
afobia, daca ai la bust si solduri cam la fel, nu inseamna ca esti "foarte lata", eu zic ca esti "numa' bine"
Presimt ca o sa mergem amandoua dupa pantaloni cu talie inalta.
Mie cele 4 categorii nu mi se par prea clare, probabil de aceea ioanaraluka nu se regaseste in nici una.
Iata cum sunt descrise tipurile corporale aici:

Body shape is essentially determined by the area where body fat is predominantly stored. With this in mind, it follows that different body shapes can affect a women's health in different ways; the way in which fat metabolises is dependant on where it is situated in the body, and this is what consequently leads to different health implications.

There are primarily 2 types of body shape commonly referred to, thhe 'PEAR SHAPE' and the 'APPLE SHAPE'. Women who fall in between these 2 categories are sometimes referred to as 'avocado' shaped. Here we describe what is meant by 'pear shaped' and 'apple shaped', the health implications for both, and how to dress to flatter these body shapes.[/color]
Apple and pear shape body images

Pear shaped
Pear shaped generally describes women who store fat below the waistline on their hips, thighs, and bottoms, as opposed to their stomachs and mid-sections. Such fat being stored on the thighs often leads to cellulite. Commonly the upper torso is relatively slim in comparison to these lower parts of the body, with shoulders and bust being narrow compared to the hips. Pear shaped women are commonly viewed as 'bottom heavy' with well defined waists.

To see whether you are pear shaped, obtain your 'hip-waist ratio' (also known as 'trunk fatness') ~ divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement; if the ratio is 0.8 or below then you are pear shaped.

Famous pear shaped celebrities include singer Baby Spice and Oscar nominated actress Kate Winslet.

What to wear if you are a 'pear'

Trousers or skirts that emphasise your well defined waist area (softly pleated or flat-fronted). Try hipster trousers, as these will eliminate that gaping waist problem common to all pear shaped women. A-line skirts/wraps are by far the most flattering for 'pears' as they slim the hips and emphasise the smaller waist area. Short, tight skirts should be avoided as these will accentuate the tops of your thighs, and divert attention to that problematic area below the waist

Avoid light coloured bottoms and stick to darker blues and browns which absorb the light

Tops should be fitted and focus the eye to your upper body (beautiful necklines, patterns and colours). They should not be baggy as these will cover your waist, and instead should finish at the top of your hips so that your waist is emphasised

Choose accessories (jewellery and scarves) that avert attention upward away from the hips and thighs.

Apple shaped
Apple shaped tends to describe women who have wide torsos (full bust, waist and upper back), as they store body fat around the mid section of their bodies (stomach, abdomen and chest). Such women have relatively slim thighs and upper legs. Apple shaped women often have a 'top-heavy' appearance, with a bust and midriff bigger than their hips, a prominent tummy and a flat bottom.

To assess whether you are apple shaped, again measure your hip-waist ratio; if the ratio is greater than 0.8, then you are apple shaped.

If you are apple-shaped then you are in good company ~ other famous UK 'apples' include the beautiful Elizabeth Hurley and Oscar winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones.

What to wear if you are an 'apple'

Trousers and skirts that are straight. Avoid very fitted or tailored garments, particularly those with well defined waist bands as these will only draw unwanted attention to your mid-section
Avoid mixing and matching many different colours. Choose monochromatic outfits, as the use of just one colour will create an overall impression of length that will focus away from your width
Tops should cover the hip area and be worn over tapered trousers that flatter slimmer legs. Shorter skirts also help to draw interest to your lower body region. Light coloured hosiery (preferably 'nude') will help focus attention on your legs
Pockets should be avoided as often these can be unflattering and attract unwanted attention to the upper body
Health implications
Research recently conducted in Sweden has shown that there is a definite correlation between women with larger hips (pear shaped) and a lowered risk of heart disease. This is due to the reduced likelihood of fat deposits from the hips travelling around the body to areas near the heart. Similarly, women who are pear shaped are probably less likely to be at risk from high blood pressure, strokes, gall bladder disease, diabetes, and breast cancer, thus making pear shaped the more healthy shape when comparing it to apple shaped.

Pear shaped women may also be more fertile than their apple shaped friends due to higher levels of the hormone oestrogen. However a conflicting view is that the higher level of oestrogen may lead to an increased risk of endometriosis, which in turn may make conceiving problematic.

The location of stored fat in an apple shaped woman is more problematic than for a pear shaped woman as it does not just store under the skin in the way that cellulite would in a pair shaped woman; fat that is stored around the abdomen and chest of an apple shaped woman builds up around surrounding internal organs such as the kidneys, liver and most importantly the heart. This is the reason why it is more dangerous to be overweight if you are apple shaped than if you are pear shaped.

Ultimately you cannot change your fundamental body shape. Research is still ongoing as to what causes women to fall in to either category. However, 'apples' do tend to find it easier to shed excess body weight than 'pears', as fatty deposits around the stomach area will break down far quicker than fat stored on the hips and thighs. Thus with a sensible diet and exercise regime, the increased health risks for an 'apple' can be counterbalanced, and an apple shaped woman can impact on her overall shape. 'Pears' will also lose weight from their upper body more easily than from their hips and thighs, but will always maintain their same basic 'pear shape.'

Pentru ca o poza spune mai mult decat o mie de cuvinte:
asa da si asa nu, vede fiecare diferenta si poate se regaseste in corpul unei sau altei vedete

Forma de clepsidra cu solduri mari:

Sani mici:

Fund bombat:

Pulpe si glezne groase:

Picioare scurte:

Sani mari:

Coapse groase:

Brate groase:


Dragut, Kalua! Multumim. Eu cred ca sunt ceva gen Beyonce angry.gif (nu mi-a placut niciodata femeie asta. prea voluptoasa).
QUOTE(Pink Lemonade @ Feb 7 2008, 07:50 PM) *
Dragut, Kalua! Multumim. Eu cred ca sunt ceva gen Beyonce angry.gif (nu mi-a placut niciodata femeie asta. prea voluptoasa).

Eh, uite ce problema ti-ai gasit si tu. Femeile voluptoase sunt cele mai femei dintre femei, iar barbatii ravnesc dupa formele astea de secole si nu cred ca se vor opri curand. tongue.gif
Iar daca nu-ti place Beyonce, gandeste-te la Marilyn Monroe si Sophia Loren. wink.gif

Sau mai din zilele noastre: Monica Belluci si Scarlet Johanson. smile.gif
wow , kalua , multumesc blush.gif

daar mariah carey are 1,75m! daca ea are picioare scurte inseamna k eu laugh.gif

ioanaraluka , nu e vorba neaparat ca nu mi plac pantalonii cu talie inalta dar nici nu prea stiu cu ce sa ii asortez si mai e problema ca .. mi se pare cam aiurea , de exemplu , sa porti blugi cu talie inalta , cred ca se vede foarte urat , ma insel?

offtopic , imi place avataru tau smile.gif
Nu e vorba de talie foarte inalta, doar ca prin comparatie cu cea joasa o sa iti ia ceva timp sa te obisnuiesti. Dar, eu ma gandesc ca nu trebuie neaparat purtati ca sa se vada croiala, doar nu toata lumea purta blugii cu talie joasa numai cu bluze scurte. Asa cred ca va fi si cu acestia, nu te impiedica nimeni sa iti iei ceva mai lungut peste.
estifftopic.gif si eu: culmea e ca il voiam pe al tau, dar era deja luat laugh.gif Din pacate a fost doar ceva (mult prea) temporar, dar multumesc frumos anyway.
offtopic again , ioanaraluka , cine era in avatarul tau? si lol , daca vrei avatarul meu , ia-l laugh.gif si-l schimb eu pe al meu laugh.gif

si noul avatar e misto , sa nu mi spui ca tu esti smile.gif daca da , esti foarte draguta kiss.gif

Bune pentru solduri late:

Bun pentru silueta filiforma, de evitat pentru solduri late si sini mari, ca o sa arate ca naiba

bun pentru solduri mai late si sini mai mari:

never pentru sini mari si dund mare; bun numai pentru siluete "sprotive"

Bun pentru silueta cu talia fina, de evitat in cazul unui popou dezvoltat

nu incretituri la solduri mari: ideal pentru solduri inguste
QUOTE(Fanny @ Feb 7 2008, 08:03 PM) *
Eh, uite ce problema ti-ai gasit si tu. Femeile voluptoase sunt cele mai femei dintre femei, iar barbatii ravnesc dupa formele astea de secole si nu cred ca se vor opri curand. tongue.gif
Iar daca nu-ti place Beyonce, gandeste-te la Marilyn Monroe si Sophia Loren. wink.gif
Sau mai din zilele noastre: Monica Belluci si Scarlet Johanson. smile.gif

Mie nu-mi plac Monica Belluci si Scarlet Johanson la corp! biggrin.gif Charlize Theron mi se pare perfecta! Daca as mai da jos vreo 15 kg probabil ca m-as apropia! laugh.gif
Oricum, mie-mi sta bine cu rochie de-aia cum are Beyonce pe verde, conica, mulata. Poate nu-s clepsidra... sunt mai para! Naiba stie! Eh, sunt mai lata in solduri ce-i adevarat. Mai conteaza?
Eu cred ca daca probezi un lucru e imposibil sa nu-ti dai seama ca te avantajeaza sau nu.
Afobia, eu sunt fan pantaloni cu talie inalta. Mi se par demential de sexy... Mai ales cei scurti purtati cu o camasuta vaporoasa si tocuri inalte (platforme, musai). Mmmmmmmmm! wub.gif
lily,vlada,necunoscuta,mariacarlaboscono,bruna tenorio,necunoscuta,agyness deyn wub.gif i luv fashiontv laugh.gif

silueta filiforma = ?

imi place f mult rochia modelului 4 , as vrea ceva de genul sa port la petrecerea de ziua mea , o sa fac 19 ani in curand ... i feel so old frustaremare.gif

Multumesc , Maat!

Pinkie , mie mi place scarlet! wub.gif mersi pentru trucul cu acea combinatie magindesc.gif
afobia,m intra in galeria de moda de pe site, is vreo 60 de creatori la primavara-vara ... biggrin.gif majoritatea cu 24 de poze; imposibil sa nu iti vina vreo idee laugh.gif
ok laugh.gif da de ce razi de mine ?!
... 65 de fapt morderis.gif
Moda primavara-vara 2008

nu rid de tine, rid de cit is de nebuna eu ca am pus o tona de poze! laugh.gif
maat , tu ai pus toate pozele din galeria de moda?! smile.gif
in seara asta punem Valentino Haute Couture; e dementiala colectia lu nenea asta si io nu-s a fashion victim! laugh.gif
Daca voi nu va puteti obisnui cu blugii cu talie nu pot sa-i suport pe cei cu talie joasa. Mi se pare ca racesc la mijloc purtandu-i.
Eu sunt genul para: talie conturata, pulpe si fund mai generos. Ceea ce ma enerveaza e ca si zona de deasupra genunchiului e destul de groasa. Bine ca glezna e ok. La sacou port 40 si la pantalon 42. Per ansamblu, sunt multumita de constitutie; mi-ar mai trebui ceva sport, ca sa-mi tonific muschii.
nu bre are you crazy? da mi-am bagat destele si io... ma duc l abirou din cauza ata acuma laugh.gif

Roxy, io nu mai am incredere in numere: am palton 40 si altu 46 laugh.gif so, ai can not trust them! laugh.gif
roxanica10 , eu sunt o nebuna! laugh.gif port bodyuri pe dedesubt mereu ca sa nu "racesc" laugh.gif

maat , eu sunt nebuna dupa valentino + versace fashion shows

blush.gif mai ales versace .. i get orgasms when i watch those shows laugh.gif

ok.aia cu orgasmu a fost o gluma.ok,ador versace fashion shows.sunt f normala! blink.gif
Eu cred ca sunt clepsidra... magindesc.gif
Pe mine nu ma avantajeaza deloc talia inalta! Si contrar a ceea ce se spune, nu cred ca avantajeaza persoanale nu foarte inalte! Pe o persoana inalta intr-adevar arata foarte sexi, evidentiaza lungimea picioarelor, pe mine arata doar ridicol!!
da, si eu sunt mica si clepsidra si cu picioare scurte si coapse groase laugh.gif acopar o multime de categorii
pantaloni cu talie joasa clar nu pot sa port, dar cum spune si sweet, nici prea inalta nu mi se pare ok, am o fusta din asta si n-am avut curajul sa ies cu ea din casa, mi se pare ca arat ca un om de zapada facut din doua bile biggrin.gif
afobia: inainte - Posh and Becks, acum - Scarlet Johansson (reclama la Reebok) in avatar. Deocamdata raman cu sunt eu, nici pe departe, mi-a placut doar cum arata in poza asta laugh.gif
Eu nici inainte n-am purtat blugi cu talie joasa, am doar o pereche luati pentru ca imi placeau cum vin pe picior.
Faza tare: m-am dus sa imi iau odata o rochita de nunta si eram in top (nu scurt) si blugi...imi da tanti o masura mai mare cred cu vreo doua numere (in partea de sus) si cand o iau pe mine si ii zic sa imi dea una mai mica, ea de colo: Ma scuzati, pareati mai grasa biggrin.gif Asta ca sa vedeti ce inseamna haine avantajoase sau nu.
Acum ca ma uit mai bine, tipul para are umeri ingusti, nici asa nu e chiar bine, dar nici clepsidra nu "duc" sa ma uit la colectii pe site.
mersi , ioannaraluka kiss.gif
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